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Yin and Yang

So many of us are Yin deficient, this happens when we are overly focussed on the Yang aspect of being.

When “doing mode” becomes our default setting, patterns of stress, depletion and exhaustion are set up. Doing too much & overwork basically.

At its simplest, it is ok to consider these two concepts as opposites but it is probably better to think of them as complementing each other. Nothing is entirely yin and nothing is entirely yang. There is yang within yin and yin within yang. Some things are more yin than others, the same applies to yang

In nature, Yin is earth and vegetation. Yang is air and sky. Yang rises, Yin sinks. Yin is quiet, dark and cool; Yang is active, light and warm. Yang brings about change while Yin maintains stability.

In the human body Yin can be described as the realm of the parasympathetic nervous system and the adrenal cortex; these are concerned with activities such as digestion, breathing, maintenance processes.

Yang is the realm of the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal medulla and is concerned with our response to stimuli, preparing for action, fight or flight responses.

We become yin deficient when our body becomes depleted by overstimulation & non-stop activities. Or from working or visiting dry environments, eating too much processed food, or hot spicy food, lack of sleep & stimulants.
Recognising the symptoms of Yin deficiency:
• Dry stools/constipation
• Numbness in the limbs
• Scanty menstruation
• Lower back ache/deep aches in the bones
• Insomnia/dream disturbed sleep
• Night sweats
• Anxiety, palpitations, restlessness
• Feelings of heat in palms and soles of feet
• Dry eyes/skin
• Dry mouth and throat
• Ringing in the ears
• Dizziness

You many not have all of the symptoms but you will probably be familiar with more than a few if you tend towards Yin deficiency.

If you suffer from any of the above, things can improve by replenishing Yin, through acupuncture, rest and deep nourishment.
This means deep sleep, learning how to properly relax, calming bodywork (yoga, tai chi,) listening to music, just sitting and admiring a view.

Yin nourishing diets are mineral and vitamin-rich and contain deeply nutritious foods.