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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

My appointment

Before arrival

Try and have something to eat and drink. This will minimise any side effects of feeling dizzy.

If you could ideally wear loose-fitting clothing when having acupuncture, as we often use points on your arms and legs.

When booking online, you should receive a patent intake form. This asks about your medical history and some information about your conditions if you could answer this in as much detail as possible as it helps with acupuncture point diagnosis.

Our Treatment room, is warm and cosy, for most appointments you will be laid on a heated better, and for those that want it relaxing music is playing in the background. You will be made to feel very welcome.


We have spaced out patient arrivals and departures so that all visitors to the clinic can remain safe. We would be grateful if you could enter the clinic at exactly that time. If you arrive early, please wait in your car. You should be able to park straight outside. Please be very mindful of other residents and please do not block the entrance,

Please remember if you have any change in conditions or change any medication between appointments tells your therapist.


We understand life happens and sometimes appointments need to be rearranged, we ask that you provide as much notice as possible.  We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for any appointments cancelled within 24 hours.


We are also encouraging cashless payment where possible. If you want to pay by bank transfer, we can provide bank details on request.  

We understand life happens and thing change at the last minute, please be considerate and allow as much time as possible if appointments need to be amended.  Some times we many need to amend appointments to allow time to clean and tidy the treatment room.


Please be assured that the treatment room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after treatments in order to minimise any risks to your health as much as possible.