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Facials Huddersfield

Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facials New for 2022

Acupuncture Facial Massage

Cosmetic acupuncture treatment will concentrate on points and muscles of the face to improve the elasticity of your skin and general overall appearance.

During the treatment, your therapist will also needle constitutional points on your legs, arms and body; these are the points that will help to balance and harmonise your inner elements.

When you feel more in control of your Body, Mind and Spirit, you can then start to address other issues in your life. These may be things to do with exercise or lifestyle, or maybe you would like to stop smoking or lose some weight. These are all things that we can achieve when we are in balance and feeling good about ourselves, once you start to feel like this, you will be surprised how much your self-image improves. This result can be achieved by Facial Enhancement Acupuncture bringing your natural beauty to the surface.

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is not just about how we look and how we want other people to see us; it is about how we feel inside and how those feelings express themselves on our face.

We are all lured by the images that we see on the television and in magazines showing the latest look that we should all aspire to; however, many of these expectations are unrealistic.

The pressure is on both men and women to look their best to succeed with their careers and their social lives. If we are not happy and contented on the inside, then it is an unreasonable expectation for our faces to exude radiance and natural beauty.

“That’s all well and good” you might say, “but I want to shed a few of these wrinkles and look a little younger!” We can do that no problem, but what I am saying is that to have any lasting effect on a person’s outer appearance, we need to work with their inner self to build a foundation that will enable the person’s natural beauty to shine through.

Ideally you need one treatment per week for 3 – 5 weeks

Duration: 90 Minutes
Price: £75

Neal’s Yard
Frankincense Anti-ageing Facial

Rejuvenating Frankincense and Omega-rich Botanical extracts are combined to create these age defying organic products, which help to firm, tighten and increase the skins elasticity. Subtle massage techniques are cleverly Incorporated to lift and tone the muscles of the face and neck, finishing with a firming mask and eye cream to soothe the eye area and lift and tone the jaw line.

Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: £45

Neal’s Yard
Rehydrating Rose Facial

Neals Yard precious Damask Rose is rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. These luxurious products replace lost water, boost skins natural radiance and balance moisture levels and is suitable for normal and dehydrated skin types. Rose formula antioxidant mask gently exfoliates and stimulates collagen reproduction, revitalising and replenishing a youthful complexion. A wonderfully uplifting and brightening facial incorporating relaxing, holistic massage to promote inner calm and elevate stress.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: £30

I felt really relaxed and calm

“My treatment really helped with the stiffness and tension in my shoulders. After the acupuncture, I felt really relaxed and calm, now booked for regular treatments to help me relax”

Jadine York

My headaches have started to ease

“I love the fact that you understand my needle phobia. The treatment really helped me relax and my headaches even after two treatments have started to ease.”

Fiona Slaithwaite

5 star better than anything else I’ve ever tried

“It’s fantastic to have an acupuncturist who is local and cares. I feel completely listen to and relaxed. Previously I have felt wiped out after treatment, but not any more. I’m always recommending people to go for acupuncture. 5 star better than anything else I’ve ever tried.”

Angela Golcar

5 stars: Hayley’s treatments are wonderful.

“She is very knowledgable and takes her time finding outu about your issues. I’ve suffered with lower back problems for many years & having one treatment I could feel a massive difference – less pain & more mobility. Whats’ more, Hayleys treatment room is lovely & clean. Highly ecommend.”

Monty Caffe

5 Stars: I had always fancied acupuncture but was a little wary

“I’m so glad I tried it! Hayley was so friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable and put me at ease straight away. The session itself was not only painless but SO relaxing. I can’t wait to return for my next session. If in doubt, give it a go! ”

Cassini Wales

5 Stars: Hayley is so knowledgeable about acupuncture and associated therapies

“I have attended with a number of aches and pains and after just one session I have had reduced pain & movement from just one session. Her therapy room is very homely and cosy.”

Victoria Gawne

5 Stars: Hayley took the time to ask me about the problem

“I was having and then showed me what treatment she had in mind. I have to say I came out completely relaxed.”

5 Stars: Wow it worked

“I was 36 weeks pregnant, and my baby was breech. I was advised by my midwife to look into acupuncture to turn the baby or have a manual turn. I found acupuncture wellbeing, I was very anxious and scepitcal. Hayley instantly put me and my husband at easy, answering all the questions we had. I had my relaxing treatment, and we went away with the instructions, knowledge and enough moxa to continue the treatment at home. We did, and our baby turned. I naturally gave birth to a beautiful health little girl three weeks later. If in doubt give it a go, what do you have to loose. ”

Emma Morris-Jones

5 Stars: Absolutely amazing service.

“So generous with time and choice of services. Super clean, organised and professional. Very welcoming and friendly.”

Samantha Emsley

5 Stars: I cannot recommend Hayley enough

“She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, taking time to fully understand my condition. ”

Rach T

5 Stars: I started going to Hayley because I had severe shoulder pain

“This has been cured and I now go once a month for maintenance treatment and never felt so wll and happy.”

Michael Bond

5 Stars: I though acupuncture well being was just acupuncture treatment.

“However I go once every three weeks for the most amazing massages. I seem to float away afterwards. Give it ago you will truly enoy it and Hayley’s friendly lovely nature.”

Steven Frear